Most Stylish 2022 - De’Ebony Rasha’ Hartsfield

Chic chiffon dress elegant one-shoulder.

Occupation: Executive assistant at Worthy the Label

What words describe your style? 
Young, wild, vibrant and free! Budget “boujie” with a whole lot of class!

What do you want your style to say about who you are? 
My outfits say that I am confident, fierce, free, wild, warm and authentic!

Who is your favorite designer and why? 
I am my favorite designer. Clothes are fun, but, ultimately, it is the energy of the person wearing them!

What is your favorite store to shop?
Anywhere and everywhere there is a SALE!

What item in your closet brings you the most joy?
A nice comfy and stylish pair of jeans.

What are the last three items of clothing you purchased? 
A silk dress, a body suit, green sandal heels.

What are your hobbies? 
Makeup, sale shopping, brunch with mimosas!