Your Change Can Change the World

December 2015
Written By: 
Bree Moore
Good Deed Goods is sharing the wealth

What can 25 cents buy? A gumball from a machine? Melissa and Willie Lee, RPh, of Lee’s Inlet Apothecary in Murrells Inlet are willing to bet you didn’t know that your 25 cents can provide a meal to a child.

The Lees established Good Deed Goods to “bridge the gap between the world of getting and the world of giving.” Inside of Lee’s Inlet Apothecary, Good Deed Goods  is a gift shop set up to provide customers with gifts that also give back locally and all around the world. They pledge to donate 10 percent of the total sales to various non-profit organizations and are currently donating to South Strand Helping Hand, A21 and Casas por Cristo.

The Lees’ passion for giving back stemmed from going on mission trips with family. While Melissa was attending the International Gift Market in Atlanta, she knew she was on to something by combining the two. Their Christian faith led them to do something with their shop that could help people in need and provide products that support a good cause. A few products you can find in their store are Bridgewater Candles, FashionAble Scarves and the Gracewear Collection.

So where does the 25 cents come in? Along with the Good Deed Goods shop, Melissa and Willie have also created “Buy a Meal—Give a Meal.” When you purchase a meal in the Soda Fountain, 25 cents is donated to Rice Bowls, an organization that gives kids a bowl of rice through partnerships with Christian orphanages.

Melissa and Willie have sparked a whole new currency in Myrtle Beach—a worthy cause to take to the bank.
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