Women in Business - 2020 - Indigo Family Law

October 2020

Brana J. Williams, Founding Attorney

Indigo Family Law
2055 Glenns Bay Road
Surfside Beach, SC 29575
(843) 215-6100

We are a family law/estate planning firm serving the Lowcountry.

I founded Indigo Family Law in 2016 after I had practiced on my own for over 15 years. I founded Indigo to be a different kind of law firm, one that incorporated every lesson I had learned in solo practice (and there were a lot of them).

We offer family law from A-to-Z and estate planning. We work with clients across the spectrum of family law issues from adoption to divorce; from mediation to trial; from child custody to alimony; from filing the initial paperwork to revising custody/alimony agreements as conditions change over the years.

We also offer complete estate planning—an absolute necessity in this COVID-19 era. 

This year we have received a Readers’ Choice Award first place for Best Family Law Attorney, and Williams was named Top 100 Lawyers and Top 30 Matrimonial and Family Lawyers by the National Advocates.

With COVID-19, we had to “flip” our business model almost overnight from face-to-face consultations to remote interviews. At the same time, we moved quickly to adapt to court closures and when court was partially open be ready to hold hearings remotely…not as easy as it sounds—before COVID-19, we would simply tell a client to meet us at the courthouse where we could sit down and prepare them for the hearing, then walk into the courtroom. There is
much more preparation and coordination needed to “get it together” for a remote hearing.

This is a rough time for families and relationships. Just because the courts are closed or limited, there’s no reason to wait to proceed on a family law matter and it’s really important, if not vital, to make sure your will and health care proxy/power of attorney are up to date.

We are stronger and more efficient than ever. We’ve learned that there is always another way of conducting business/interacting with clients. Suddenly being forced to use every form of remote communication has opened another way of effectively communicating, one that—after being forced to adapt to—our clients are coming to embrace.
What sets our company apart is that we develop real relationships with our clients. They are not a file to us. The better we know them the better we can represent them.
Clients need to understand that part of what we do isn’t just from an analytical or legal point of view, but from a personal point of view. The law is always changing. We stay on top of it through continuing education courses through the South Carolina Bar and our own extensive research. I am active in several law firm coaching and training programs, which always keeps us on the cutting edge.

We put family back in family law and our firm prepares you for life. We are your personal lawyer.