Women in Business - 2020 - Conway Medical Center, CMC

October 2020

Conway Medical Center, CMC

From left are: Lauren Kleess, M.D ; Brittany Gusic, M.D.; and Simone Maybin, M.D.

Conway Medical Center, CMC
8400 Myrtle Trace Drive
Conway, SC 29526
(843) 347-8041

Conway Medical Center, CMC
2376 Cypress Circle Suite 202
Conway, SC 29526
(843) 234-9700

Conway Medical Center, CMC Primary
Care-Towne Center

5010 Carolina Forest Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC, 29579
(843) 236-2700

Conway Medical Center has been a vital part of Horry County life for almost 90 years. Since our humble beginnings we’ve prided ourselves on providing the best care possible. Now we have offices throughout Horry County providing primary care and a wide array of specialty services.

Brittany Gusic, M.D.; Lauren Kleess, M.D; and Simone Maybin, M.D. are three of the doctors who deliver on that promise of outstanding care. 

Each of these doctors knew at an early age that they wanted to be a physician.

“I’m a member of the primary care team at CMC Primary Care-Towne Center, which is a part of Conway Medical Center. The CMC Towne Center offices also features Women’s Health and Pediatrics specialists,” says Gusic. “I was the student on the first day of medical who knew she wanted to be a family doctor. ”

For Kleess, a family situation sparked her interest in medicine.

“My mom ended up having diabetes, so I developed a passion for treating diabetes as I watched her go through that, as well as some other family members, and that really motivated me to want to become a doctor,” Kleess says. “As I studied and learned as much as I could about endocrinology and the many different issues that face my patients, I knew that this specialty was the right path for me.” 

Maybin’s empathy for those in pain led her into the field.

“I knew early on that I wanted to be a physician, and once I started to see the struggles so many people are dealing with on a daily basis when it comes to pain, as well as the technological advancements being made in that specialty, I knew it was the type of medicine I wanted to practice,” Maybin said. “I love being able to help alleviate that pain.”

Conway Medical Center provides a wide variety of health care services, from weight loss to primary care to cancer treatments.

“At my practice, CMC Primary Care-Towne Center, we provide family medicine, internal medicine, and sports medicine to our patients,” Gusic says. “We manage chronic illnesses, provide preventative care, as well as perform a variety of procedures. We provide comprehensive, life-long care.”

Kleess says: “At CMC Endocrinology, we specialize in treating disorders of the endocrine system including diabetes, thyroid disease, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis and endocrine cancers. “

Maybin is part of a new CMC practice. 

“My specific specialty is within the new CMC Orthopaedics practice. As an Interventional Pain Management specialist, I provide personalized pain management treatment for a wide variety of issues,” Maybin says.

Each of these doctors say women who are starting out on their own should believe in themselves.

“The number one step is to be confident in the skills and training you have received and feel comfortable expressing your beliefs,” Maybin says.

“Be confident and strong!” says Gusic.

“Work hard, strive for improvement and knowledge, and be confident in who you are as a person and your abilities,” adds Kleess.