Women in Business - 2020 - Banton Media

October 2020

Brandie Guerrero, CEO

Banton Media
10607 Hwy 707 Suite 110
Myrtle Beach SC 29588
(843) 299-1221

Banton Media is a full-service media and marketing agency with nationwide experience and buying power, ensuring that your marketing casts a wide net. However, we are also experts at local advertising, helping you generate a homegrown groundswell of local consumers. We work with businesses of all sizes, but Banton was born and built on the dreams of small businesses.

We are the kind of company that builds your trust and gains your loyalty. Banton Media does not have customers; we have relationships.

We began our journey in 2010 with $36 and a dream to assist clients in every area of media, marketing and advertising. I was in broadcast media for 11 years and really wanted to do more for my clients in all forms of advertising, media and marketing (not just the station(s) that I represented). I felt the frustration they dealt with by having to meet with 10 to 15 different sales reps in hopes that whatever they chose would benefit their company. I’m proud that Banton Media is a true marketing and advertising consultant agency and is able to recommend, design and deliver the best integrated marketing campaign and strategy for our clients.

We offer everything from consultations to strategic campaign implementation and management. Our business includes but is not limited to TV, radio, billboards, digital media (SEO, SEM, ad retargeting, web design, social media, etc.), video marketing, graphic design, email and photography—and nearly all of these can be blended together.

We specialize in making all services we provide work together with your brand identity, product and/or service. You don’t have to shop separately for your social media management firm and your paper and print firm; we handle every venue to ensure a consistent campaign that you understand and have control of.
To say it’s been “quite a year” is a massive understatement. But despite the headwinds, Banton Media has had its share of successes and accomplishments.

  • On January 10, Banton Media presented the ‘Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation’s 2020 Video’ at the MBREDC’s annual meeting (attended by over 250 area business leaders). The Banton-produced video showcased our market leading Creative Services and Video Production capabilities.
  • In March 2020, we marked our 10th anniversary, a milestone that has been achieved with much hard work and determination, a milestone that we’re most proud of. We had organized a large  exciting 10th Anniversary Celebration party to be held at the end of March (but of course had to be postponed).
  • We’ve added 15 new clients, including two high profile local businesses that have appointed Banton Media as their ‘Agency of Record.’

Banton Media recently launched a $250,000 marketing aid to assist the community during this pandemic. Applicants can apply at bantonmedia.com and, if accepted, we will match them dollar for dollar on specific marketing efforts through December 31, 2020. This is the least we can do for the community and look forward to helping our fellow business owners as so many have helped us over the years.