Tracey Graham

August 2014
Photographs by: 
Andrew Stephen Cebulka

Occupation:  Professor of Anthropology, Theatre & Communications at Horry Georgetown Technical College
What I like:  I like to feel free and comfortable all the time. I like colors that express my personality and fabrics that represent a sense of individual freedom as I move throughout the day.
What I hate:  Clothes that do not fit my body with comfort and grace.
My style:  Earthy and natural with various shades of colors.
Signature items:  Accessories, such as earrings, necklaces, boots, shoes and scarves.
Signature Look:  All natural!
Beauty is:  an inner spiritual progression that is a natural transparency outwardly, and I believe that inner beauty will always trump outer appearance!

Handmade African wrap by a Ghanaian designer

Aller Simplement harem pants

Affordables Apparel Shoes

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