The Grand Strand's Most Stylish 2016

August 2016
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Meet the 14 who rock the Grand Strand style scene

1. Ashley Martin
Occupation: Marketing Coordinator at Marriott OceanWatch Villas
Style is: when you feel confident no matter what you are wearing. “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” –Ralph Lauren
Signature look: My signature look is a solid colored dress accessorized with a nude shoe, stud earrings and a watch. If you walk in my closet, the largest section would be my dresses and they are color coordinated in rainbow order.
A unique item you own: One of my favorite, most unique items I own is my grandmother’s gold charm bracelet. Each charm has each one of her children’s silhouette and birth date. After my mother passed, my grandmother passed this special piece on to me so that I could always have my family by my side.
“My style icon is probably a mix of Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez. I love the timeless, elegant and sophisticated look of Aniston but there are times when I want to shake it up like Jenny from the block.”

2. Jordan Causey
Occupation: Sales Manager, Sunglass Hut
My style: has a European flare in fit but is becoming more simplified and editorial in regards to color, pattern and textile combinations.
Favorite designer: My favorite designer is Thom Browne. Although whimsical and avant-garde at times, his pieces are very well tailored and maintain a versatile color pallete of neutrals while offering pops of color and patterns.
A unique item you own: I own a snow white (faux fur) shapka ushanka—more commonly known as a Russian fur hat. While living in Moscow, it wasn’t always the most practical item to wear (because fashion has changed), but it is beautiful and warm. On the rare occasion that we have an ice storm in Myrtle Beach, I have been known to put it to use.
“Style is something that cannot be taught. It is a form of self-expression and a means of communication regardless of language barriers.”

3. Jim Dunn
Occupation: Retired Advanced Manufacturing Engineer
Signature items: Polo shirts, khaki pants, jeans, Bermuda shorts during summer months, blazers, colorful ties, button-downs and pocket squares
Favorite designer: Ralph Lauren—I believe that Ralph Lauren designs for the well-groomed man that cares how he presents himself on a daily basis.
A unique item you own: A Duluth Occasional jacket that is so unique in its design that it is always a joy to wear.
Favorite stores: Dillard’s, Ralph Lauren shops, Brooks Brothers and Pink Cabana
What do your outfits say about you? That I strive to be well-groomed at all times and dress for the occasion at hand.
“Style is establishing a look that suits your personality and is always comfortable and makes you feel confident. More importantly, good manners is a must when describing style!”

4. Stella Sabina Channa
Occupation: Founder of, a fashion and lifestyle blog, and owner of Ocean Jewels Stores at Coastal Grand Mall
Style is: For me, style is a form of awareness and communication with the world. It’s a way of individualization. Awareness regarding who you are and who you want to be and how you want to be perceived or recognized. While fashion changes and trends come and go, a good style endures and defines.
A unique item you own: I believe that the most unique item from my wardrobe is a pair of Evangeline shoes designed by Sophia Webster. They have beautiful gold wings on the back that make them truly angelic.
What do you wish to be buried in? A white Vera Wang gown and Jimmy Choo “Storm” shoes.
Favorite stores to shop: Nordstrom, Dillard’s and Zara
“I try to manipulate and ultimately create/define my own feelings, emotions, attitudes through my wardrobe and accessories and sending positive vibes around me. And you know what? It works all the time.”

5. Shannon Anderson<
Occupation: Domestic Goddess (housewife, mother and business owner)
Your style icon is: It is really hard for me to choose just one. My favorites are Brigitte Bardot, Naomi Campbell and upcoming Kendall Jenner.
Favorite store to shop: Neiman Marcus
A unique item you own: My grandmother’s vintage 1940’s broad-brimmed sun hat.
Favorite designer: Balmain. To me, Balmain is the ultimate couture fashion house in the industry. It is a very classy, glamorous style with a fashion-forward edgy street wear attitude.
What do you wish to be buried in? A pair of my designer sunglasses and Louboutin heels. The rest doesn’t matter as long as the outfit is chic enough to match my sunglasses and heels.
“Style is the connection between our clothes and inner self. Fashion is forever changing while style expresses who an individual is.”

6. Ryan Roberts
Occupation: Director of Sales Shore Crest Bluegreen Vacations
Signature items: Solid V-necks, no socks (even with my dress shoes), skinny jeans and two necklaces I wear everyday (one has coordinates on it of a sentimental location, the other is a pendant of St. Christopher, the protector of travel).
Style is: Forget the rules. If you like, wear it.
Your style icon is: Adam Levine
What do your outfits say about you? Confidence
Favorite stores to shop: All of King Street in Charleston
Favorite designer and why: Salvatore Ferragamo—nice dress shoes
What do you wish to be buried in? Three-piece suit
A unique item you own: Cowboy hat, a ranch boy at heart
“My style depends mainly on my mood and activity, but I would say urban cowboy meets beach bum, gone corporate.”

7. Jonathan Keith
Occupation: Full-time student at Strayer University in Charleston and Entreprenuer
Signature items: My collection of fedoras
A unique item you own: I possess a class ring with a yellow topaz that I have dedicated to my mom who lost her battle to breast cancer in 2005. Her wish was to live long enough to see me graduate from high school.
Your style icon is: The comedian Mr. Richard Pryor. His suits were tailor-made to perfection!.
What do you wish to be buried in? In an Ike Behar tuxedo. I came into this world with a bang and I want to leave with one!
“My style is classic. Renaissance man with a modern southern twist.”

8. Erica Davis
Occupation: Senior Loan Officer with Guild Mortgage Company
My style: Classic with a modern edge
What do your outfits say about you? I am ready for whatever the day brings me! I am a mom, a wife and work full time. I love being able to take those few minutes getting dressed and decide what I want! Fashion is a way to do that.
Favorite stores to shop: BCBG, Shoes on King and Bob Ellis
A unique item you own: An oversized Blumera clutch. It makes an outfit and I love that she is a local designer.
Your style icon: Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn
Signature look: A well-fitted dress or black pants with a pop of color and great heels.
“Style is a way to dress your personality! It can completely transform your mood and what you can accomplish. The sky is the limit when you feel good internally and externally and can convey confidence. ”

9. Carolyn Ransom Roberts
Occupation: Land Developer/Mother
Signature looks: I always wear hats, beautiful scarves by Missoni, Pucci, Ferragamo, Hermés, Burberry, Louis Vuitton. My Chanel handbags. And my zany shoe collection.
My favorite designers are: I love Ralph Lauren and would wear his clothes every day for his simple, timeless and classy casually chic style. Alexander McQueen: he died too soon and I love his use of skulls because they almost indicate his celebration of life after his death.Coco Chanel: she was a real woman—no fuss, no floss. Just a simple, classy broad that made trousers cool.
What do your outfits say about you? That I have come a long way from the tobacco farm, but I could still plow a field if I had to!
What do you wish to be buried in? The same thing I came INTO this world in.
“My style is unforgettable, elegant and unique. Ready for the pages of a magazine!”

10. Kathleen Williams
Occupation: Vice President of Professional & Business Development, Coastal Carolinas Association of REALTORS®
My style: Classy. Chic.
Signature items: Would be my shoes!
What do your outfits say about you? I am fun, professional, loving, vibrant, and ready for whatever the day may bring!
Favorite store to shop: Ivy & Leo
Your style icon is: Gabrielle Union
“Style is being appropriately dressed for every occasion by staying current with the style, but keeping it classy.

11. Thalia Sanderson
Occupation: Owner and Operator of Etcetera which sells housewares, linens and room supplies to the hospitality industry locally and nationally for more than 34 years
Style is: Timeless to contemporary
What do your outfits say about you? Confident and stylish
Favorite designer: Rock ‘N Karma
A unique item you own: My grandmother’s mink stole which I had remade into a fur vest.
Your style icon is: Jackie O. to Marilyn Monroe
Favorite store to shop: Boutique shops
What do you wish to be buried in? A stylish box
“My style is classy and sassy.”

12. Johnny Andrews
Occupation: Minister of Music/Education at First Baptist Church of North Myrtle Beach
Signature look: No socks. Great shoes. Clothes that fit.
What do your outfits say about you? That I am fun, confident, stylish, enthusiastic, colorful (to match my personality) and approachable.
A unique item you own: Tie Quilt. I took several of my father’s, grandfather’s and pastor’s old ties and had a tie quilt made.
Your style icon is: Matt Lauer from The Today Show. He is always on the up and up on the latest styles and fit.
Favorite designer: Billy Reid because he uses classic styles and adds unusual accents.
“Style is a way to express one’s personality through their wardrobe. Style has a unique way of making a person feel good about themselves. … When you put forth effort to look good, you will feel good!”

13. Hannah Parrish
Occupation: Owner of Gallery Boutique
Signature items: I gravitate toward that “celebrity at the airport” vibe. Trendy, but comfortable; elevated basics mixed in with a few on-trend pieces. I fully believe a good white tee and a great pair of jeans can take you places.
Favorite designer: Ellie Saab makes the most incredible red carpet dresses. As far as ready-to-wear designers, I am loving all things Show Me Your Mumu right now. They make fun, easy-to-wear prints that aren’t overpowering but still make a statement.
Your style icon: I love Lauren Conrad’s easy, everyday style. She always looks effortlessly chic.
A unique item you own: I borrowed (and purposely never returned) my grandmother’s first Chanel bag. It’s my go-to. Chanel is timeless.
“Style is absolutely a reflection of your personality. It is the first thing anyone notices. Your wardrobe IS your first impression.”

14. John William Dowless
Occupation: Manager of Strand Termite Pest Control
Style is: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”—Rachel Zoe
Signature item: My signature item is my love for designer shoes. The finishing touch to the perfect ensemble.
Favorite store to shop: M. Dumas and Sons
A unique item you own: I’m partial to sporting a diamond ring given to me by my parents a few Christmas seasons back. It was the first ring my mother gave my father, and it’s a treasured heirloom for me.
Your style icon is: Coco Chanel has always inspired me with her daring styles that stand the test of time.
What do you wish to be buried in? I wish to be buried in my favorite dancing shoes so I’ll always be dancing.
“My attire always reflects my mood.  I always dress how my personality feels for the occasion.”