Sure and Steady

January 2014
Written By: 
Ashley Burkholder
Photographs by: 
Sposa Bella Photography

Macon and Betsy learned the meaning of unconditional love under some of the most difficult conditions




Betsy Britt & Macon Lovelace
April 27, 2013
Brookgreen Gardens

“In sickness and in health.” That’s a vow Macon Lovelace took long before his wedding day April 27, 2013, under the heavenly live oaks of Brookgreen Gardens.His bride, Betsy Britt, was in a bad car accident in 2010, when a truck ran a red light and slammed into her car, leaving her with a serious closed head injury and two years of health issues, including daily migraines. She was only given clearance from her doctors to return to work in September 2013.

“Sweet, sweet Macon has been there for her the entire time,” relays Betsy’s mother, Susan. “He has seen her at her worst and lowest points and has been there to see her out of it.”

“Macon is a true-blue friend … so loyal and dependable,” Betsy agrees. She says that along with Macon, their black lab Bailey, her family and the beach are her greatest loves in life.

Macon, born and raised in Conway, and Betsy, hailing from Spartanburg, met in her hometown while he was a student at Wofford College and she was in high school, working at the Sugar-n-Spice drive-in restaurant. Years later, the two bumped into each other again—this time in Columbia in the elevator of the Bank of America Plaza building, where they both happened to work.

“It was my first day of work in a new building and I was trying to remember what floor I was supposed to go to,” recalls Betsy. “I remember he looked familiar from when I worked at Sugar-n-Spice. He asked me out on a date and I thought he was really cute and had a great time, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be in a relationship just yet. … I remember I would get butterflies when I would bump into him and that had never happened before.”

Butterflies over Macon, the cute guy, evolved into “I do’s” with Macon, her betrothed, on one fine spring day at Brookgreen Gardens, one of her favorite places on Earth.

“I grew up going to the beach, and as a child my parents and grandparents would take us to Brookgreen,” says Betsy. “… Macon’s grandparents lived in Murrells Inlet and his grandfather was very involved at Brookgreen and would always take him there growing up. This area means a lot to both of us and it was the perfect fit!”

Betsy’s blissful memories at the beach were swept throughout the couple’s ceremony in the Live Oak Alee and the tented reception in the Pegasus garden—from the cross of shells standing tall in witness over the nuptials, to a sketch of oyster shells intersecting in a cross on the wedding program, to the ring bearers presenting the rings in a conch shell to Betsy’s bridesmaids draped in sea-blue gowns, to beach-themed stirrers at the bar, sand and tea lights running along the tables, to a three-tiered cake a la coastal-style.

“Our entire theme and feel of our wedding day was just joy and happiness,” says Betsy. “That it finally happened! We’ve gone through so much and we just wanted everyone to have a wonderful time and to celebrate.”

The couple’s first dance song? “Stand by Me,” an all-too-appropriate anthem for these stalwart newlyweds. Even though Macon hates to dance, he was there, once again, alongside Betsy.

Macon and Betsy Lovelace live in Columbia, S.C.

Key Vendors:
Venue: Brookgreen Gardens
Photographer: Sposa Bella Photography
Caterer: Austin’s Ocean One
Flowers: Florals by DG Senter Design
Cake: Incredible Edibles