Sacred Heart II

October 2022
Written By: 
Grand Strand Magazine Staff
Photographs by: 
courtesy the Myrtle Beach Art Museum

Natalie Daise, Acrylic and Metal Leaf on Canvas, 30˝ x 40˝

The Myrtle Beach Art Museum presents Natalie Daise: The Greens in My Garden exhibit October 4 through December 31. Daise is  a professional storyteller and self-taught artist from Georgetown, S.C. Her exhibit features recent paintings comprised of striking oil-and-metal-leaf portraits adorned with sweetgrass-woven jewelry, traditional African-patterned clothing and bright halos, all teeming with the symbolic roots of her Gullah upbringing–collard greens and garden flowers.         
She uses various media, surfaces and natural and found materials, allowing her hand and eye to move a story into a place deeper than, perhaps, sound might convey–an exploration that reveals what may be hidden behind words. Daise remarks, “The process of playing with and discovering what my hands and the materials will do is my spiritual practice and, as such, rises from an intensely personal place.” 
Best known as “Ms. Natalie” on Nick Jr.’s award-winning television program, Gullah Gullah Island, Daise has developed and facilitated interactive learning experiences for more than 30 years.