Ripley’s Reveals Details on Upcoming Sloth Exhibit

April 2023
Written By: 
Angela Robertson
Photographs by: 
courtesy of Ripley's Aquarium of Myrtle Beach

Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach is excited to announce they’ll be getting two, two-toed sloths this spring. The new Sloth Valley Habitat will allow guests to observe the adorable, preternaturally pokey animals up close. 

A few fun, sloth facts: 

First of all, no, they’re not lazy. Two-toed sloths have the lowest and most variable body temperature of any mammal, ranging from 74 to 92 degrees. Their super-low metabolism and leafy diets are perfect for the mostly nocturnal, slow-moving sloths, which sleep 14-18 hours a day. 

Secondly, given their upside-down-hanging nature, their hair grows in the opposite direction than that of other mammals, parting in the middle of the belly and growing upward toward the back. The hair on their face points upward, also, allowing water to run off during rainstorms. 

Additionally, the curved, sharp claws at the end of their long arms are three to four-inches long, handy for hanging onto tree branches. While walking on land is awkward, their swimming ability is excellent. They will often drop from a tree into a river, swimming across it with something akin to a backstroke. 

Finally, sloths’ closest kin is the anteater, not a monkey species, as one might expect, given their long reach and coloration. 

Sloth Valley Habitat - Late Spring

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