Pollo Loco

February 2014
Written By: 
Sara Sobota
Photographs by: 
Mac Kilduff

Authentic Mexican cuisine with a side of nightlife




Tucked away on Highway 544 just outside Coastal Carolina University is a new dining spot with a pleasantly split personality. Because Pollo Loco Mexicali Grill shares its dining space with the adjacent Soho 544, diners can enjoy their tamales and chimchangas in a pub-like atmosphere, complete with a full bar, TV screens and pool tables. For those who love Mexican food and appreciate variety in their dining environments—sports bar or hacienda—Pollo Loco is a perfect casual dining spot.

Pollo Loco’s menu offers the typical Mexican standbys (tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas) as well as twists on the traditional favorites. Specials reach into the seafood realm, including seared tuna, spicy tuna, grilled whitefish or spicy shrimp tacos. Remaining true to its namesake, Pollo Loco offers grilled Mexicali Chicken, tastefully marinated and fire grilled, in two-piece, three-piece, half chicken or whole chicken portions. Drink options run the gamut of Americanized to authentic Mexican as well, from soft drinks to coconut water and Jarritos Mexican soda.

Diners can enter the establishment through either Pollo Loco or Soho 544; the former is a counter spot with a few picnic tables outside on the patio, and the latter is a larger restaurant and bar. For a quick bite, order at the counter and enjoy a taquito amid the Mexican environment and music. Or, for a longer and more social dining experience, take a seat at a table, watch some football and order up some nachos and chili con queso. Either way, Pollo Loco delivers delicious Mexican cuisine at an enjoyable pace.

Pollo Loco Mexicali Grill
1300 Highway 544
Conway, SC
(843) 349-1111
Opens daily at 11:30 a.m.