Pedal Power

October 2018
Written By: 
Dawn Bryant

Murrells Inlet’s Brewboat combines biking, boating and beer

Bicycle seats and pedals replace barstools on the East Coast Brewboat.

Leave it to Murrells Inlet to find a new way to party—and on a boat, of course.

But not just any boat. One glance at this one, and, well, you’ll do a double take. Wait, are they pedaling that boat?

Meet the East Coast Brewboat, a pedal pub that’s taking revelers on a ride that they’ll power—both in spirit and in muscle.

“The mix of biking, the boat, beer—it’s everything Murrells Inlet,” said Charlie Mize, who co-owns the Brewboat with his wife, Chrissy. “If we started fishing behind it, it would probably hit everything Murrells Inlet is.”

The first of its kind in South Carolina when it opened in March 2017, the Brewboat is equipped with the usual makings of a party boat—coolers filled with ice to hold your favorite bring-your-own beverages, koozies and a variety of tunes—you can even be the DJ. But come ready to earn your keep, as the bar stools have been replaced with bicycle seats and pedals that literally power this boat.

“How far and fast we go is up to you,” Mize said. “It’s all pedal power.”

Mize knew the Brewboat would be a natural fit for the inlet as soon as he spotted one in Portland, Maine. The Murrells Inlet boat, docked along the MarshWalk behind Creek Ratz, was the second one along the East Coast when it opened, helping start the trend that’s now popping up in waterways everywhere. Mize has a second Brewboat that operates in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The hour-long cruises have been a hit in Murrells Inlet, especially with locals, Mize said. The boat has hosted birthday parties, bachelorette parties, neighborhood get-togethers and Meetup groups. A couple was even married on one of the cruises, he said.

The boat operates from March through early December. Cruise times vary by the season so check the website,, for the current schedule. Sunset cruises are the most popular, so book early if you’re seeking that slot.

You can round up as many as 15 people to book the entire boat, or book seats for as few as four people to enjoy a cruise with others and make new friends. Cost is $25 a person or $325 for the entire boat.

And come ready to pedal. The boat has 10 pedal stations, with seats for the other five, so revelers can rotate the pedaling duties. A boat of overachievers once went four miles in an hour, Mize said. Others stick closer to the MarshWalk. A few even peter out.

“People have given up on us—we joke that there’s been a mutiny on board,” Mize said.

Don’t fret. There’s a back-up plan. The boat has a battery-driven electric motor if needed. But most captains only like to use it to help maneuver around the docks, staying true to the pedal pub’s purpose.

“He’ll run seven trips a day and won’t even use one bar on the battery,” Mize said.

East Coast Brewboat

Murrells Inlet, docked behind Creek Ratz
(843) 213-2610,

Cost: $25 a person or $325 for the entire boat. Bring your own beverages

Hours: Season runs March through early December. Check the website for cruise times.