New Cocktail Classic

January 2010
Written By: 
Lydia Dishman
Photographs by: 
Paul Mehaffey

Blood orange puts a modern twist on an Old Fashioned

It’s old-fashioned to be sure, although no one can pinpoint the date (or creator) of this, possibly the first, of the American mixed drinks known as cocktails. We do know that this classic whiskey libation was served at Louisville’s Pendennis Club as early as the 1880s, and the first recipe appears in Modern American Drinks circa 1895. One thing is for sure, the complex flavor produced by layering sugar and bitters, balanced by the whiskey and citrus, makes for a holiday drink that is subtly refreshing and easy to sip.

In a quest to incorporate the finest seasonal ingredients, we offer up a riff on the traditional recipe using fresh blood oranges and coriander to create a gastrique that infuses the drink with jewel-like color and an even bolder
flavor profile.