Nancy Grumman

April 2010
Written By: 
Stephanie Jo Chapa

Home Arts: For ten years, artist Nancy Grumman has welcomed students of all ages into her home. Now the studio where she works has become the place where she lives.

Myrtle Beach arts supporter, Nancy Grumman, has been holding art classes in her home for ten years—to the tune of 100 students. The Massachusetts-raised art teacher started with five students, who still spend afternoons in the studio, which is now a veritable gallery of student art. Grumman also keeps her artistic eye on the community with projects such as handbags for the Bag Ladies Luncheon, benefiting the Burroughs-Chapin Art Museum, and a horse for Myrtle Beach’s Carousel Horses on Parade, now displayed in North Myrtle Beach.

The Grummans spent a summer gutting their garage to create light, adding windows and a wall of glass doors. “The family revolves around the space,” says Nancy of her studio. “My daughter helps out with the kids’ classes, and we always end up here—at the end of the day, on Christmas Eve, and for the art parties.” She is known to put out an empty canvas for friends to paint. Works-in-progress hang in all directions. Mornings bring little hands and torn-paper projects meant to train fine motor skills. Evenings see wine-toting adults crafting mosaics and fine painting, while the “studio dog” lounges. The cinnamon-calm of the space is certain to inspire one to pick up a brush. “There is an energy here. It is rewarding when students feel they do a good job. I am very lucky,” glows Nancy.

For information about art classes and summer camps, call Nancy at (843) 222-2095. She will host an in-home gallery show and sale on May 20.