Most Stylish 2021 - Brandie Guerrero-Perez

August 2021
Written By: 
Grand Strand Magazine Staff
Photographs by: 
Scott Smallin

Plaid blazer and black dress pants, strappy heels and yellow tassel earrings.

Occupation: Chief Executive Officer of Banton Media. 

What words would you use to describe your style? It ranges from classy to dramatic and edgy. I try to keep my style unique.

What item in your closet brings you the most joy? Black classic red bottoms, ripped jeans, Adidas shell toes, Gucci belt and any off-the-shoulder tops.

What are the last three items of clothes you purchased?  Wide leg, floral high-waisted dress pants, leopard summer dress and a green, long-sleeved silk blouse. 

Who is someone fashionable you follow on social media and why?  I don’t follow anyone specific, but I love Pinterest for style ideas. Jennifer Aniston is a classic, though.  

What are your hobbies?  Shopping, spending time with family and anything adventurous. I just recently went skydiving.