Most Stylish 2020 - Erin Adams Hall

August 2020
Written By: 
Grand Strand Magazine Staff
Photographs by: 
Scott Smallin

For 2020, we are throwing it back and featuring some former Most Stylish favorites. With the beautiful Marina Inn as a backdrop, get ready to be wowed by these all-star looks!

Anthropologie jumpsuit, Gucci shoes, vintage hat.

Occupation: Multipotentialite on Instagram @oscilatey

What words would you use to describe your style? Bold eclectic, vintage inspired.

What do you want your style to say about who you are? I want my style to say that I dress for myself, not for an occasion and that each day can be a special occasion if you make it one.

Who inspires you? Justina Blakeney and Amy Sedaris. Both women have truly unique styles and have built a world around them that reflects their individual creativity.

Favorite stores to shop: My closet ranges from Goodwill to Gucci.

Who is someone fashionable you follow on social media and why? Marisol Muro on Instagram always makes me smile with her bold, vintage prints and color saturated world.

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be and why? I would raid Alex Weichert aka Teggy French’s closet in a heartbeat. It’s a room full of the perfect combination of high/low designers in whimsical prints with lots of frills.

Best style advice you’ve ever gotten: Raise your heel height and lower your hemline.

Are there any pieces you once swore off that you now love? I currently own a pair of strawberry print Crocs after years of calling them the ugliest shoe ever made.

How has your style evolved? My style has evolved from mainly vintage statement looks to now including more high end designer items mixed with fun seasonal favorites. I try to be more selective when choosing high end pieces for my closet. I want items that will maintain their appeal to me for years, not just a season. Also- good shoes, I can’t believe I spent so many years in cheap heels that hurt my feet just because they were cute!

What is your best memory from being Most Stylish? From the photoshoot to seeing the magazine on the stand are all great memories but looking back my best memory is remembering how awesome everyone was to work with through the whole process.

A quote you live by: “Make Do.” -my grandma, Betty Adams.