Kent Anthony

August 2014
Photographs by: 
Andrew Stephen Cebulka

Occupation:  Manager, Men’s Wearhouse
What I like:  Wingtip shoes, fitted shirts and bow ties. Vest and sport coats are also a favorite.
My style:  I consider my style a Midwest style. We always like to be dressed to impress and never walk out of the door unless we look our best. Whether it is dress casual or dress up, I will always be suited and booted!
Signature items:  My hat and bow ties and watch collection.
Signature look:  My suit with a fedora and a bow tie—a classic look.
Style is:  stepping out of the box and doing things others aren’t willing to do because they are afraid. Wearing unique things that separates you from others.
Beauty is:  You have to be comfortable in your skin and clothes.  No one can tell you what beauty is, you have to know that you are beautiful inside and out. When you are comfortable with your own beauty, then the world sees what you have already known.

Jack Victor suit

Calvin Klein shirt and tie

Ralph Lauren hat

Cole Haan shoes and

Fossil watch

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