Kathleen Hearn

August 2013
Photographs by: 
Andrew Stephen Cebulka

Occupation:  Law student
What I like:  When well-dressed men comment on my shoes.
What I hate:  I hate to hate, but I have a minimum of fondness for ill-fitting clothing. A lack of attention to detail cannot be abided.
My style:  Bold colors and feminine features.
A trend I will never follow:   Black jeans. Nothing calls for black jeans; you should either wear jeans or black pants.
Signature items:  Gold bangles—from grandmother, grandmother, mother, and Kate Spade (no relation).
Signature LOOK:  Ray-Bans and a Sunday morning sun hat.
STYLE IS:  knowing the rules before you break them. A lady must first understand timeless, classic fashion—only then can she move the boundaries forward by taking risks and charting her own course.
Beauty is: Truth. In the same way that a smile is more than the shape of one’s mouth, true beauty is more than the physical appearance that a lady presents to the world. She is truly beautiful only when her dress, heels and jewels accurately reflect her personality and character.

Kate Spade dress and bracelet.

J. Crew shoes and necklace.

Heirloom bracelets.