Just Takes a Minute

April 2015
Written By: 
Paul Grimshaw

Socastee resident and true Renaissance woman Andreann Geise (pictured below) is a former veterinarian, Coastal Carolina University and Horry-Georgetown Tech adjunct science professor and executive chef. She’s currently a caregiver, a restaurant consultant, cookbook author, personal chef, food blogger, South Carolina Barbeque Association judge and all-around foodie. She’s been a guest of Martha Stewart’s radio broadcast, was the winner of the Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown 2, and has recently won second place in a national recipe contest sponsored by Minute Rice.

“My mother used Minute Rice all the time,” said Geise, “and I especially love the Multi-Grain Minute Rice.” Geise is well into finishing the first draft of her debut cookbook, For the Love of Food, which will contain recipes fusing her Greek heritage cooking with other cuisines. “I want to teach people how to fuse their own cultural recipes with all kinds of dishes. I use Greek traditions.

“I entered the Minute Rice contest just before the holidays last year,” she said, “and my stuffing recipe won.” Geise beat out the 520 other entries submitted with her “Multi-grain Holiday Stuffing” recipe (see photo below). “It’s not just a stuffing, though it works great in fowl, or fish, or stuffed mushrooms, but it also makes a great breakfast side dish, in appetizers; it’s really wonderful.”

To get a copy of Geise’s award-winning recipe, go to www.grandstrandmag.com. Her website and blog can be viewed at www.my-big-fat-greek-kitchen.com.