Jessie & Jason

January 2015
Written By: 
Lindsay Falberg
Photographs by: 
HeidiI And Anne
The Burroughs’ beach home in Garden City hosts family and friends for a celebration to remember
Jessie Burroughs and Jason Ferrell met through Jessie’s brother during Memorial Day weekend and spoke every day after their introduction. They were engaged three days before their fourth anniversary. Jessie didn’t have all the details of her wedding planned, but she did know the location: “The Legal Pad,” Jessie’s family’s beach house in Garden City. The wedding was held in an open grass lot with the ocean and “The Legal Pad” as their backdrop. The theme was nature, and embraced the beach and the inlet. The couple also honored their schools, Clemson and North Carolina State, with flags monogrammed with their names and wedding date, April 5, 2014. The couple exemplified their devotion to Conway with their selection of wedding vendors, including photographers, caterers, bakers and more.