Hot Time In The City

October 2013
Written By: 
Ashley Burkholder
Photographs by: 
Mac Kilduff

Sun City Café: Tex Mex meets the Lowcountry



First impressions can be the kiss of death, or the taste of a new love. It’s a fine EKG line for restaurants—that first lip-lock between patrons and food off the menu.

Sun City Café had me at, “Hello, luscious bowl of homemade salsa with cilantro and garlic! Yes, I’m dipping another hot tortilla into your freshness!”

First impressions can also be tainted, however, by the ol’ “Don’t judge a book by its cover” adage. The café’s curb appeal is cluttered by scattered, abandoned storefronts along Main Street in Myrtle Beach, just around the corner from the the former Myrtle Beach Pavilion.

But open the glass front door and you’ll step foot into your next favorite little eatery. Robin egg blue walls are plastered in an eclectic collection of Aztec suns and modern art. Bright yellow and green trim hugs the front windows and door, as strings of lights and flower vines wrap through the ceiling and front door.

The biggest wall hanging is the black chalkboard menu. No paper menus here! Manager Brandon Skipper says he wouldn’t necessarily classify the menu as Mexican, but he would call it fresh. Owners Cary and Bradley Boyle brought their travels to Texas and the Southwest back to the Southeast for a bit of  Tex-Mex meets Lowcountry.

Sun City’s cheese dip, quesadillas, salsa and guacamole are handcrafted fresh; tacos include a lightly Cajun blackened shrimp version; burritos are not only stuffed with shredded chicken, roasted chicken and spinach sauce, or beef, but mashed potatoes. Choose to go regular or small. Also, choose to allow some time, because fresh doesn’t mean fast. (Make reservations, too!)

And prepare yourself for a lasting impression.

Sun City Café
801 Main St., Myrtle Beach
(843) 445-2992
Open 5–9 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday (will change to Thursday through Saturday in the winter)