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August 2014
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Brett Benton
Recent releases from two Grand Strand authors

Legendary Locals of Myrtle Beach
Lesta Sue Hardee
Legendary Locals, 2014, $21.99

While we may know some of the bigger names of those who have shaped the Grand Strand, there are many locals with unsung stories who have played a pivotal part in both creating our community and helping it continue to grow and flourish. Lesta Sue Hardee takes us on a journey into some of the lives of these individuals, people who have touched Myrtle Beach in ways that irrefutably make it what it is today.

Divided into five sections, Hardee first takes a look at Early Settlers and Founders, including Franklin Gorham Burroughs, who was instrumental in creating the company that would eventually complete a railroad to the beach and open the first oceanfront hotel in the area. She next delves into the many Artists and Entertainers who come from or have contributed to our area. From musicians like Alabama to actor Anthony James to photographer Jack Thompson, the Grand Strand is far from lacking in culture.

Third comes a look at important Business Leaders and Professionals, people like Bunyon Bailey Benfield, who brought the first movie house to Myrtle Beach. The Myrtle Beach Air Force Base housed many a great leader, and the fourth section explores some of these men. Finally, Hardee focuses on some of the Locals with Character. This section honors folks like Doug Shaw, Arthur Joseph “Pepper” Geddings Jr. and Julius “Mr. Joe” White.
Legendary Locals of Myrtle Beach is a great read for history buffs, as well as anyone interested in learning more about the powerful, hard-working and far-from-boring characters who have made—and continue to make—Myrtle Beach the place we love today.

Secrets of Southern Design
Kimberly Grigg
Tavola Publishing, 2013, $39

When speaking of entering the home of a Southern woman, Kimberly Grigg explains that “right away, you’ll feel the comfortable elegance and the genteel spirit—not too pushy and not overwhelming—that are the hallmarks of Southern design.”

Grigg, the Principal Designer and CEO of Knotting Hill Interiors, uses this jumping off point to offer a visually stimulating book coupled with tips to make your home comfortable and beautiful using quintessentially Southern style.

Grigg conquers the rooms of the home in sections, starting with “A Warm Southern Welcome”—the porches, verandas and foyers that draw guests in and make them want to stay. She continues on through the “Southern Comfort” section, which offers ideas for family living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and breakfast nooks.

In “Southern Heritage,” the importance of antiques, memorabilia and collections to the home in order to “express both our rich heritage and the personalities of the home’s inhabitants” is highlighted.

“Southern Romance” guides readers in creating ideal bedrooms, while “Southern Man Spaces” provides insight into crafting that perfect man cave every Southern gentleman deserves. The book ends with a “Southern Details” section, which shares ideas on drapery, tablescapes and more.  
Grigg strongly believes that no matter where you may live, “you deserve to live in beautiful elegant, comfortable surroundings that reflect who you are.” Secrets of Southern Style is an inspired way to get there.