Honoring Grand Strand Heroes: Monica Vehige

April 2020

Taking a moment of appreciation for local people working hard in our community during the COVID-19 crisis

Americans, including those on the Grand Strand, are putting their lives on the line to keep this country moving during this crisis. That includes healthcare workers, first responders, delivery people and grocery store workers, along with many heroes who did not expect to find themselves on the front lines. Heroes are all around us.

Grand Strand Magazine invited readers to tell us about those they'd like people to know about. Jeff Diehl nominated Monica Vehige, Vice President at McLeod Health, as his Grand Strand Hero.

“Monica has consistently delivered compassionate, leading-edge healthcare to the people of Northeastern South Carolina,” Jeff wrote. “From nationally recognized cardiac care to a new state of the art surgical tower featuring the ‘operating room’ of tomorrow, with Monica at the helm of this complex industry, she continues to achieve new levels of medical excellence for all in the community. She truly is a rock star in this uncertain world we are living in.”

Jeff went on to explain how Vehige’s work is impacting the community. “Monica's duties as administrator include fiscal management of these facilities, program development and long-term strategic planning.”

Vehige is a healthcare executive with 20 years of experience who joined McLeod in 2016. “She has effectively developed plans and grown service areas for our community, which has grown exponentially. A leader with strong operational, negotiating and strategic decision-making skills, she will also support the organization’s strategic growth," said Jeff.

Thank you, Monica, for the hard work you are doing here on the Grand Strand! Click here to nominate your own local #GrandStrandHero.