Hip Hip Horray!

February 2011
Written By: 
Ashley Morris
Photographs by: 
Christopher Shane

Nacho Hippo celebrates the nacho, a fiesta of flavors and fresh ingredients

Nachos just haven’t scooped up the respect they deserve. They’ve been cheapened by the munchies menu at dive bars or slopped up by stadium Cheez Whiz – an afterthought of appetizers.

But there’s a little corner cantina in Myrtle Beach’s Market Common that pays proper tribute to the plateful of toasted tortillas and all of their artistic, culinary potential.

The new Nacho Hippo is to a tortilla chip as Diego Rivera is to a blank canvas. Fresh toppings, ingredients and dips are colorfully, carefully constructed to be pleasing to the palate in a perfect color palette. Not to be slighted by other Mexican standards, the nachos here take center stage on the menu.

And with good reason. Nacho Hippo’s “Signature Nacho Creations” are intended to serve as a meal (for two or three). Hippo seems to stand for the hefty helping of nachos that arrives on a platter.

The creations, however, aren’t smothered on mindlessly; each is laden very thought provokingly. Take, for instance, the tongue-in-cheek *!# Hole selection, showcasing shredded jerk chicken, shredded cheese, black beans, cilantro and a sweet mango salsa with a zing that makes the salty chips sing.

The Fire in the Hole nachos will fire things up this winter, with chili, pepperjack cheese, jalapenos, queso melt, crema, queso fresco, lettuce and pico de gallo. You can fine dine things up, with The Donald’s featured Maine lobster meat. Or you can get personal and start naked by building your own.

Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, the proud Mexican padre of nachos, would praise this little restaurant north of the border, redeeming his invention and moving nachos back to the main course.