Haute Decor

April 2016
Written By: 
Charlotte Baroody
Photographs by: 
Scott Smallin

1. Taking Back the Light

These deck prisms were once used as light-giving devices below deck on ships and are gorgeous to use today on any bookshelf or hang in any window as decoration.

$30. The Rice Museum, 633 Front St.,

Georgetown. (843) 546-7423


2. Bag Lady

If you love fashion, books and bags, then these Hermes Birkin bag stackable books are going to be a must.

$172. CHD Interiors, 1088 Mall Drive, Murrells Inlet. (843) 357-1700


3. Splendidly Succulent

Let this uniquely arranged clam shell of succulents accent any of your interior tables with authentic taste.

$600. Talk of the Town (TOTT), 10729 Ocean Highway, Unit A, Pawleys Island. (843) 314-0793


4. Check Mate

This beautiful canister will add luster and life to an odd end or boring shelf throughout any fabulously decorated home.

$250. Knotting Hill Interiors, 7753 N. Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach. (843) 916-4455


5. The Perfect Pouf

Add some spice to your room with this brightly colored Morroccan-inspired triangular pouf.

$60. Inlet Queens, 4905 U.S. 17, Murrells Inlet. (843) 947-0767


6. The Great Divide

This carefully crafted piece of art designed to look like coral will accent any dull space that needs some excitement.

$100. Limeablue, 10659 Ocean Highway, Unit C. The Island Shops, Pawleys Island. (843) 235-3025


7. Eye on the Sparrow

Either add to your collection or accent any area that needs an extra spark of beauty with this gorgeous Herend piece hand-painted in Hungary.

$350. Eleanor Pitts, 11096 Ocean Highway #17, Pawleys Island. (843) 237-8080

70 Grand Strand