Goodness from Goats

October 2012
Written By: 
Tory Tall

Horry County’s Worley Lane Farms produces cheeses and soaps  for an appreciative audience




The title of author Sarah-Kate Lynch’s debut novel declares, Blessed Are the Cheesemakers. And blessed indeed are the cheesemakers of Worley Lane Farms, a tightly knit family of bipeds and quadrupeds who, on their little piece of heaven in the eastern tip of South Carolina, produce goat milk cheese and soaps.

Though fairly new to the fromage business, they have made devotees of area chefs and cheese aficionados. Conway resident Mary Tovornik, who discovered their farmstead cheese at the Conway Farmers Market, said “I love it, because not only is it delicious, but it’s a local product and that reduces my carbon footprint.”

Aspen Grille chef and owner Curry Martin agrees. “We tried it and really liked it. It’s fresh, and we try and support local businesses because we’re both trying to produce products that have Horry County roots.”

The cheese is not the only thing with Horry County roots. Cheesemonger Cindy Howell transitioned the land that her family has farmed since 1880, “from tobacco to a fully functioning goat dairy farm.”

Ironic, since she promised in her younger days that she wouldn’t be a farmer when she grew up. “We make our plans, God laughs, shakes His head and says, ‘Oh child, if you only knew My plans for you.’ ”

She has made peace with this change, which was inspired by the family’s English Shepherd, Dakota. “I could see him in my mind’s eye, watching and protecting the goats.”

Her family was another inspiration. “We [she and her husband, Tim] really want our children to have a legacy,” she said.

This legacy will be one of apprec-iation for hard work and memories of the same pastoral childhood she had herself.  “Our kids ride their bikes on the dirt roads, climb trees and fish in the same ponds that I did as a child.”

 “[Our] story is not ending here, this adventure is just beginning.”