Give Your Blender a Break

June 2013
Written By: 
James Ginley
Photographs by: 
Courtesy of The Vendors

Hot new beverage pouch drinks make it easy to enjoy frozen favorites for cooling off your summer




Croctails Wine Cocktail
With a package that resembles crocodile skin, this one will bite you at 9.9 percent alcohol, the highest of the bunch. Flavors include the mojito, which is described as “a squeeze of lime, a hint of mint, and a dash of tropical intrigue.” Other flavors include golden margarita, strawberry daiquiri and sweet tea lemonade.

Parrot Bay Frozen Tropical Malt Drink   
From the maker of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, this malt beverage is 5 percent alcohol in a 10-ounce pouch. The mango daiquiri is popular, along with strawberry daiquiri and pina colada. Not too sweet and the taste is consistent with each flavor.  


Started by three friends, this brand comes with a screw cap opener, making it easier to enjoy. Other flavors include mudslide, pina colada, strawberry and watermelon. A little more alcohol, at 6 percent in a 12.7-ounce package.

Daily’s Margarita
Daily’s got its name because it delivered its products daily in the Pittsburgh area. This natural-flavored wine product comes in a 10-ounce package with 5 percent alcohol. Other flavors include peach and strawberry daiquiris, pina colada and frozen lemonade.