Fashion Forward

December 2010
Written By: 
Lisa Finley
Photographs by: 
Paul Mehaffey

Amp up your style with these trendsetting reads

by Yvan Rodic, Prestel, 2010

In his new book, Facehunter, world-renowned, street fashion photographer, Yvan Rodic, celebrates individuality as expressed in the street styles of men and women from around the globe. Make no mistake, though, there aren’t any tired photographs of posed supermodels dressed in overpriced wardrobes. Instead, Rodic, who has built his career around showcasing the “stylish natural beauty who lives around the corner,” focuses on everyday people traversing the streets of Antwerp, Belgium and Warsaw, Poland, and a host of places in between.

Facehunter is a compilation of more than 300 stunning photographs previously featured on Swedish-born Rodic’s popular fashion blog of the same name. It highlights the fresh visages of people who have abandoning the clichés of fashion in favor of individual style. Edgy and sharp, these hip youth reflect new heights in cultural trendsetting—a concept that may soon explode onto fashion runways worldwide.

The Selby Is In Your Place
by Todd Selby, Abrams, 2010

For those who have ever wondered how the creative half live, now’s the time to pull back the curtains and feast on the visual explosion that is Todd Selby’s new book, The Selby Is in Your Place. Featuring the stunning work of the New York-based fashion and interior photographer, this entertaining, 250-page book is certain to satisfy the inner voyeur. Every page highlights the real-life, “humble” abodes of vibrant, creative people including artists, musicians, writers, and designers. Whether outlandish and cluttered or elegant and posh, one common thread emerges. Every home is abundant with personality and good taste, the latter of which is aptly described by featured homeowner, Jonathan Adler, as “the stuff you love and not caring what anyone else thinks.” Flipping through these pages, one soon discovers that good taste includes some amusing surprises. After all, who doesn’t have a fully accessorized ping pong table in their dining room?