Faces of the Grand Strand - Advanced Medical Solutions

April 2023
Written By: 
Grand Strand Magazine Staff
Photographs by: 
Scott Smallin

Holly Marlowe, Nurse Practitioner; Dr. Belal Khokhar, Medical Director 

The synergy at AMS, which is in its sixth year of operation, is nearly palpable, and may be attributed to the cohesion, efficiency and friendships that exist within the entire team. 

Nurse practitioner Holly Marlowe, who has been with AMS for more than two years, and medical director Dr. Belal Khokhar worked together at a hospital in Orangeburg, S.C., prior to joining AMS. Marlowe has worked in many different specialties of medicine, including medical surgery and trauma intensive care, the latter involving many hospice patients with COVID, a heartbreaking reality. Dr. Belal Khokhar, Medical Director 

“When I found this (AMS) I knew I had found something worthwhile… we really do give people a better quality of life,” she says. The practice’s core values of positive patient outcomes really resonates with her and the other staff members. 

“I’ve known Dr. K since about 2012, when I was a new RN in Orangeburg and he was there practicing internal medicine,” Marlowe says. “We became friends, kept in touch. He keeps me in line!” she laughs. “I feel like this is my second family. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe in all that we do.” 

Dr. Dwyer Scott, owner and founder of AMS and his team of professionals at the Carolina Forest facility have one purpose above all others: To relieve their patients of pain, vastly improving their quality of life. They accomplish this without the dangers and ineffeciencies often associated with traditional medicine and surgeries, noting that “most medical offices and hospitals are simply trying to medicate the pain and symptoms and not getting to the root cause of the problem,” says Dr. Scott. 

A chiropractor for more than 15 years prior to establishing the integrated medical facility, he has worked with doctors, scientists and researchers in the field of advanced medical treatments, including anti-inflammatory and anti-aging protocols through regenerative and holistic medicine. Patients are requesting anti-aging measures at AMS that include NAD + infusions for brain and mental functions, energy production and other benefits, including stimulation of their immune systems. 

“Regenerative medicine is the most effective treatment in the world to minimize and eliminate pain and inflammation, reduce scar tissue and regenerate the tissue with newer tissue, allowing patients to live pain-free lives. Many patients notice results within days to weeks and 95% of patients’ lives have changed within three months and they know life is going to be different and better from now on,” Dr. Scott notes. “We have helped the worst of the worst cases of arthritis, degenerative disc and joint disease, stenosis… in all regions of the body from the neck, shoulders, hands and fingers, lower back, hips, knees and feet… Our patients are so excited about being able to walk for long periods, be able to get up and down, carry grocery bags, play golf, tennis, and pickleball better and so much more.” 

AMS also maintains involvement in the community at large. 

“We are indirectly involved in every community across the Grand Strand by getting our patients out of pain and back to their own involvement in community groups, recreational groups and the like. We are directly involved with our veterans and the Veterans Affairs offices and with our newest outreach called Veteran in Pain VIP. We donated $10,000 of regenerative medicine to VA patients in 2022 and we hope to expand that this year to veterans who are suffering with no solution in sight,” says Dr. Scott.

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