Faces of the Grand Strand - Advanced Medical Solutions

April 2024
Written By: 
Grand Strand Magazine Staff
Photographs by: 
Scott Smallin

Hey, hey, Myrtle Beach mavens and mavericks! Can you feel the electric pulse coursing through our sandy shores? It’s not just the ocean breeze or the buzz of neon on the boardwalk; it’s the seismic shift in how we approach health and wellness in our sun-kissed home.

Gone are the days when our health narratives were solely penned by the monolithic medical-industrial complex, with its mainstream media megaphones and pharmaceutical puppeteers giving you only their opinion and option for treatment. 

That’s old news, folks! Myrtle Beach is flipping the script, with a health revolution that’s as refreshing as a plunge in the Atlantic Ocean.

From the visionary legacies of Burroughs and Chapin to the everyday heroes next door, our communities, from Little River to Myrtle Beach to Pawley’s Island, are a kaleidoscope of vibrant souls. We’re a melting pot of North and South, wisdom and wit, all united by a singular vision: to carve out a life that’s not just lived, but cherished and experienced. And guess what? That life is being redefined right here, on our shores, with a focus on health autonomy that’s as smart and  bold as it is beautiful.

At AMS our approach to health is as personalized as your favorite boardwalk t-shirt. This isn’t your cookie-cutter healthcare; it’s specific and detailed treatment tailored to you, regardless of age or ailment. AMS is where traditional meets trailblazing, blending cutting-edge treatments like vitamin infusion and regenerative medicine with the tried-and-true staples of nutrition and physical therapy.

But wait, it gets better. Imagine a world where chronic pain and degenerative diseases don’t stand a chance against the powerhouse stacked duo of stem cell therapy and exosomal infusions. That world? It’s right here in Myrtle Beach. AMS is leading the charge, turning the tide against pain and paving the way for a future where your body’s potential to heal and thrive is activated like never before.

So, what’s the real scoop? Myrtle Beach isn’t just a dot on the map; it’s the epicenter of a healthcare revolution, here and now, that’s redefining what it means to live well. With AMS at the helm, the promise of a life free from pain and full of possibility isn’t just a dream—it’s our reality.

And the best part? This revolution is happening in our backyard. No more globe-trotting for groundbreaking treatments; the future of health is here, in Myrtle Beach, making our slice of paradise not just a destination, but a lifetime of health and happiness. 

So, to the skeptics, the weary, and the curious: take the leap. It’s a trust fall, baby, and Myrtle Beach is not behind, we are ahead!

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