Encouraging Words

April 2012
Written By: 
Stephanie Jo Chapa
Photographs by: 
Christopher Shane

Linda Grabeman walks her readers through the breast cancer journey in faith—not in fear




When Linda Grabeman was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, she immediately went in search of a devotional that would encourage her. There were many stories on other women’s experiences, but that was the last thing she wanted to delve into. Surprised when there was not a devotional to be found, the Pawleys Island resident felt called to write one after her own path of treatments.

No Prissy Shoes not only shares the story of Linda’s experience, but also provides practical tips alongside Bible verses to encourage those touched by the disease. The title comes from Linda’s reputation for high-heeled, girly shoes, “prissy shoes—the shoes we wear when the road is easy.” Linda states that “sometimes our paths take us on difficult, uphill climbs and prissy shoes won't work there. That's when we have to trust God to give us his choice shoes that will allow us to walk the road that is before us.” The book is organized in a 31-day format with an index in the back directing the reader to a specific section for “whatever emotion she is feeling that day,” says Linda.

Linda emphasizes that breast cancer is more than a physical battle, “It is an emotional and spiritual walk.” Even the doctors at the Georgetown Hospital System’s Oncology Department (her Grand Strand resource throughout treatment) acknowledge this by buying and provided No Prissy Shoes to breast cancer patients. Linda’s advice to members of the “sorority that no woman wants to join—the sisterhood of women with breast cancer” is to “Go to the truth,” and “Stay away from the internet—it builds fear.” And her advice to women without breast cancer? “Get your mammograms yearly!”

Linda consistently strives to build faith, not fear. She is active in her Pawleys Island church, and has helped restart a monthly support group called Bosom Buddies at the Georgetown Hospital System that hosts doctors and various speakers for breast cancer patients. Her goal is to encourage women on their walk—with or without their prissy shoes.

To order a copy or learn more about No Prissy Shoes, visit www.noprissyshoes.com. To learn more about the Bosom Buddies support group, contact the Francis B. Ford Cancer Treatment Center at the Georgetown Hospital System, (843) 545-5600.