Dominic Starr

August 2014
Photographs by: 
Andrew Stephen Cebulka

Occupation:  Attorney
What I like:  When my clothes catch someone’s eye and that person speaks to me. It’s a great way to have a friendly exchange with a person that I do not know.
What I hate:  When adult men make no effort to look sharp in public. I promised my daughters that they would never be embarrassed about the way I looked when we were out together.
My style:  Adult preppy. American style is classic and, if worn correctly, looks as good on adults as it does on young people.
Signature items:  My shoes/socks combinations and my pocket squares.
Signature Look:  I like being in style regardless of whether I’m wearing a suit and tie or something casual.
Style Is:  an opportunity to show people your personality. It is also an underrated way to be noticed, in a good way. People rarely remember crossing paths with a stranger who is poorly dressed, but they will almost always remember the person who dressed with style.

Brooks Brothers jacket and bow tie

Gap pants

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Ralph Lauren shirt

Cole Haan shoes.