Compassion Through Fashion Rocks the Runway for Myrtle Beach's New Directions

August 2019

Compassion Through Fashion rocks the runway for a successful fourth year to raise money for New Directions

The fourth annual Compassion Through Fashion event was held on Saturday, May 11, at The Hall at St. John’s. The fundraiser for New Directions brings the community together in a fun way to become more engaged toward helping the homeless population in our area. Participants create an inventive fashion ensemble using unusual materials and can represent an individual, a local business, an organization or a facility.

New Directions works to help move people out of poverty and homelessness by helping them regain their financial footing and building their self-worth and self-confidence. Check out some of the creative and fabulous ensembles.

1. BEST IN SHOW & MOST INTRICATE - “Bimini's Fresh Catch of the Day”

Designer: Lori Williams and Meg Shavitz
Models: Ashlyn Laney and OJ the Fisherman
Materials: Sponges, shells, rope, fishing net, dollar bills and palm fronds
Presented by: Bimini’s Oyster Bar & Seafood Market

2. MOST WEARABLE - “The Bean Bouquet”

Designers: Katie Curran and Katlyn Alarcon
Model: Carlis Williams
Materials: Coffee bags, glue and paint
Presented by: Fresh Brewed Coffeehouse

"Planet or Plastic" - Designers: Cathy Byrnside, Chris Conness, Amy Pyles, Regina Geiger, Georganne McGhee, Lola Burke and Paul Casmer - Model: Pamela Shelley - Materials: Plastic bottles and synthetic roofing felt - Presented by: Byrnside Group

3. MOST CREATIVE - “She Walks in Circles”

Designers: Jen Pierce and Sandi Shackleford
Model: Harlow Pierce
Materials: PVC pipe, zip ties, bubble wrap, tarot cards, grommets, old book bag, wire, aluminum foil, laminate, plastic toys, pony beads, envelopes, waterline insulation and LED lights