Closet Fit For a Queen

February 2022
Written By: 
Sam Ikner
Photographs by: 
Scott Smallin

Closets by Design are experts at creating dream closets like this one

Dream Closet: Having space to organize and display her large shoe collection was a top priority for Watts.

Turning a small, cramped space into a luxury closet is no small task, but Bart Strong and his team with Closets by Design make the process look effortless.

Homeowner Amber Watts was completing a whole-house redesign when she realized her closet space needed a remodel as well. For Watts, the space felt too dark and disorganized. With a focus on better displaying Watts’ collection of clothes, shoes, jewelry and purses, Strong and his team had a clear, specific list of requests from the beginning.

Watts was very involved from the start, something Strong and his team appreciated.

“She was pivotal in coming up with the final design,” Strong notes. Light colors and clean lines were requested for this space, transforming it from a narrow, dark closet to a space fit for even royalty to get ready in.

For Strong, watching the final product come together is his favorite part of the process.

Sit and Stay Awhile: The redesign allowed for comfortable seating and even a television!

“Watching the project come together from start to finish, from the home in pre-remodel status to watching our installers build the project, to the final reveal—watching the reveal was a great experience,” says Strong.

The design featured white shelving with plenty of gold accents to add to the elegant aesthetic of the room. A window provides natural light (which is essential when trying to pick the perfect outfit!) and clear cabinets allow Watts to see all of her shoes, purses and accessories, while also keeping them safe from dust.

Dressed to the Nines: Homeowner Amber Watts (left) and  designer from Closets by Design Diane LePlante (right).

On its own, the room is stunning—but filled with Watts’ fashionable collection, it’s even more luxurious. With space for seating and even a television, it would be surprising to learn that Watts ever leaves this room!

For those looking to create a similar space in their own home, Strong has one solid piece of advice: there is no space too small. Having a neat, organized space like this one is possible. Smaller spaces require more intentional and thought-out storage solutions, but it’s not impossible to plan out your dream closet with limited available space.

“The closet is where most people start and end their days, and we pride ourselves on being able to make these spaces more efficient for our customers,” says Strong.

You can see other projects from Closets by Design on their website,, or call for more information at (843) 225-6725.