Bring on the Brisket

April 2016
Written By: 
Harold Rohrback
Photographs by: 
Emily Moore

North Myrtle Beach’s new eatery comes through with authentic smoked barbecue

Jeff Vallancey gives credit to his wife, Laney, for choosing the name “Brisket” for their new restaurant. Just like the food they serve, it is simple and to the point. If you are a serious lover of smoked meat, then put on those pants that have a little bit of room in the waist and get ready for an explosion of flavor that is rarely found this side of Texas.

When you walk in the front door, the sweet aroma leaves no doubt that you are in a barbecue joint. The casual, laid back atmosphere and rustic appearance gives the feeling of being in a family-friendly saloon.

Everything served is homemade. The sauces are made daily, as well as Jeff’s secret rub used prior to smoking. Even the corn is hand cut from the cob. This is Texas meets West Virginia with a splash of North Carolina original recipe cooking.

The brisket, of course, is the house favorite and smoked to perfection. They also offer traditional smoked favorites such as pulled pork, spare ribs, sausage, chicken, salmon or grilled ribeye. The most incredible selection on the menu (next to Laney’s homemade pecan pie) is a magnificent piece of beef named Big Tex Short Rib. It is two pounds of bone-in, perfectly marbled short rib that melts in your mouth.

Salads and sandwiches are available and there is a large selection of secret recipe sides. One of the appetizers not to be overlooked is the Texas Frito Pie—a cast-iron skillet filled with Fritos and smothered in chili, melted cheddar cheese and topped with sour cream.

Dinner prices range from $8 for a half chicken to $22 for Big Tex. Daily lunch specials are $6–$10.



1501 U.S. 17 South

North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

(843) 273-4423

Hours: Opens at 11 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday and 1 p.m. Monday