Bree Moore

August 2013
Photographs by: 
Andrew Stephen Cebulka

Occupation: Marketing account manager and blog owner of
What I like:  Shopping at stores no one else does and finding pieces no one else has. Mixing designer items with Target and other discount stores. Being creative with what I have.
What I hate:  When everyone starts following a trend, I’ll immediately stop following it. Great shoes that give you blisters.
My style:  Unexpected accessories. Mixing textures and prints. Quirky nail polish. Skinny jeans. Funky shoes.
A trend I will never follow:   The preppy look—it’s too cliché in the South. Even if I wear a button down with a blazer, you better believe it will have an asymmetrical skirt with combat boots.
Signature items:  Anything cheetah print. Eclectic jewelry. Arm candy.
Signature LOOK:  I like styles where I’m not always put together. If I have a polished dress on, I’ll have messy hair. I like to stick out in an effortless way.
STYLE IS:  meant to be fun and fearless. An outfit that you feel great in can snag you a date, change your attitude or even land you a job.
Beauty is: about loving and playing with what you are born with—not changing yourself to fit any mold. Being confident and comfortable in your own skin is beautiful.

Express dress.

Gianni Bini jacket.

Jessica Simpson shoes. signature sequin heart.

Heart & Sew braided wrap bracelet.

H&M spike bracelet.

Socialite earrings.