Be Cool Going Back To School

August 2018
Written By: 
Bree Moore
Photographs by: 
Bree Moore

Haute Decor

(Clockwise from top left)
I Goat This - These little goats by Hearth & Hand are the perfect study buddies. $19. TARGET, 1150 Seaboard St., Myrtle Beach. (843) 946-6998
Take Note - A cute journal makes taking notes in class much more fun. $12.95. Barnes & Noble, 3346 Reed St., Myrtle Beach. (843) 238-2917
Keep Clean and Shower On - Pretty soap will help make your shower time more glamorous. $32. Pottery Barn, 3332 Reed St., Myrtle Beach. (843) 238-0361
Study Break - Prepare your meals on patterned dishware ... even if it’s only Lean Cuisines. $3.99–$14.99. Paperwhites, 1620 Farrow Parkway, Myrtle Beach. (843) 839-1677
Make Your Momma Proud - Your mom will thank you if you do your laundry BEFORE you come home to visit. $39.39. Kirkland's, 170 Sayebrook Parkway, Myrtle Beach. (843) 293-7570
It’s Electric - Make it to class on time with this designer electric bike from Pedego. $2,995. Pedego, 3080 Deville St., Myrtle Beach. (843) 602-6941