Aaron Maynard

August 2017

Grand Strand's Most Stylish 2017

Occupation: Owner/CEO of Pedego Electric Bikes of Myrtle Beach & Retired Air Force Colonel
Signature look: My signature look would have to be slim fit trousers/jeans. I hate baggy or ill fitting clothes on men. Beautiful shoes finish the look.
Style is: Style to me is more of a statement about yourself than it is the clothes you wear. To exude style, one must look great, but they must act like they know it. (But not in a cocky way!)
What do your outfits say about you? I think the way I present myself says I’m confident with who I am. I don’t follow trends. I wear what I want and what makes me feel good.
What do you wish to be buried in? I’d have to say that I’d like to be buried in one of my military uniforms. I was proud to wear them for 26 years. I’d be proud to wear one for eternity.
Levi’s jean jacket and pants, Gap shirt, Cole Haan shoes.