A Match Made on the Marshwalk

December 2022
Written By: 
Ashley Daniels
Photographs by: 
Picture Perfect Photography

A love journey immersed in water

Taylor Smart & Forrest Beverly
May 29, 2022 • Murrells Inlet

Water is immersed in the romantic tale of Taylor Smart and Forrest Beverly. Both grew up in Conway, but, ironically, never crossed paths until one evening, in a later wave in life, on the Murrells Inlet MarshWalk in 2018.

“We met and quickly became serious about each other,” says Taylor

They found they both shared a love for traveling, visiting, and exploring other countries, as well as spending their free time on the river and inlet in their early courtship, as they do today.  
Taylor reflects on the early days of their relationship, “I quickly fell in love with not only Forrest, but his two children, Kate and Reeves. The four of us bonded over our love of being active and outdoors.”

Forrest’s children (and water), in fact, were also involved in his proposal to Taylor outside on the dock. 

The couple planned their special day for May 29, 2022, as an intimate gathering with just family in attendance. The small ceremony was held at their house in Murrells Inlet under the live oaks draped in Spanish moss scattered across the property at 7 p.m. just as the sun set over the inlet to soak up the summer heat. 

“We said our vows in front of our horse barn-turned gym, where we removed all of the equipment, then had a three-course meal prepared and served at a 30-person table inside the barn,” says Taylor. “It was magical and intimate.”

The magic continued to sweep across the Beverlys’ Big Day at the dinner reception. The couple’s barn was converted into a dreamy Boho theme, complete with lush greenery and ivory-white florals. 
“I wanted a classic look, but not overdone,” says Taylor.

Dessert was made possible by Taylor’s Aunt Lizzy Davis of Murrells Inlet, who baked a homemade wedding cake.

Today, the newlyweds live blissfully in Murrells Inlet. Taylor, a former foster care caseworker, is a stay-at-home mom, and Forrest is the owner and president of Beverly Homes, a local home builder and developer.

Key vendors:
Photographer: Amanda at Picture Perfect Photography
Catering: Brandon with Southern Culinary Clinic
Flowers: Art by David Bryant
Cake: Homemade Taylor’s Aunt, Lizzy Davis of Murrells Inlet