Johnny D’s Chef Jamie Saunders shares tasty favorite recipes in her new cookbook
Skip the Chardonnay this summer and give one of these wines a sip
New restaurant offers up authentic Caribbean cuisine and delicious cocktails in an intimate modern setting
The gem that is Austin’s Ocean One serves food you won’t be able to stop talking about
What’s old is new again. Our grandparents used to shop for groceries at small farm markets and eat seasonally available food. It’s good for us, good for the planet, good for small farmers and tastes better! Here are a few places to get farm-fresh produce (some of it organic) along the Grand Strand.
Coffee lovers rejoice with the opening of every new coffee shop and every new recipe using their favorite beverage. Beyond the myriad, ubiquitous Starbucks, a half-dozen or more independent purveyors of the bean serve delicious hot and cold coffee drinks, caffeinated or not, perfect for summertime or anytime.
All beer was once originally produced and sold at microbreweries, but over time came mass production, which all but squashed the independent brewer. The last two decades have seen a resurgence and a zealous, fanatical loyalty to craft small batch brews, which once again rule the beer world. Here are a few places (out of dozens) to find local, regional and other well-loved craft beers, which, coincidentally, pair perfectly with a side of summertime.
Four area establishments are focused on some combination of wine tasting, wine production, wine sales or growing the only grape the coastal region can support (the Muscadine). Some offer education and family-friendly events along the way. Most medical professionals say “drink wine every day.” Who are we to argue?
What better way to cool your palate and tickle your taste buds than with a little soft serve or hand-dipped creamy confection? Some are new, some date back decades, and some even boast celebrity endorsements.
Off the beaten path, but worth the trip
21 Main Prime Steakhouse lets its menu evolve without losing its charm
RipTydz hangs a 10, from their culinary offerings to their interior design
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Carolina Ale House serves up great food, beer and sports in a comfortable atmosphere