At area zoos and aquariums, we can get up close and personal with our multi-legged cousins and see ourselves in their antics and unique personalities. Take time this summer to explore the miraculous diversity of our planet and of our own coastal regions.
Though the city of Myrtle Beach and most of the Grand Strand’s municipalities have a relatively short recorded history, a few nearby neighbors, including Conway and Georgetown, have a rich pre-revolutionary and antebellum past that anyone visiting or living here should explore. In addition to excellent museums, there are home tours, working historical farms and enough to keep any serious history buff or casual visitor occupied all summer long.
Along with our chunk of the Atlantic Ocean, our countless tidal creeks, our rivers and estuaries, comes an amazing variety of seafood waiting to by plied from the water and prepared for your consumption. Don’t have a boat or a fishing pole? Don’t know how to fish at all? No worries! Dozens of fishing charters, large and small, including headboats and private charters, can get you on the water without any need of prior experience or a fishing license.
Summertime watersport adventures along the Grand Strand include just about anything you can imagine. Some look for the relaxing, sit-back-and-enjoy sunset and dolphin cruises. Kids and families might want a pirate adventure. The hands-on type will enjoy pilot-your-own jet-skis, boat and kayak rentals or paddle boarding. The daring adrenaline junkies might love parasailing and water-powered jet packs. Whatever floats your boat this summer, the Grand Strand’s got it.
We all (most of us, anyway) love the beach, but sometimes the kid in us (or the kids with us) want the excitement that can only come from an adrenaline-fueled trip to the waterpark. While some of the larger resorts feature small waterparks for guests, three full-featured area waterparks are open to the public and offer big thrills made for summer fun.
Literally. Take a hike this summer. Our two state parks (Myrtle Beach and Huntington Beach) offer soul-restoring walks through nature and give a taste of the ancient maritime forests that once blanketed the coastal Carolinas. Additionally, nature-minded municipalities, non-profit endowments and private citizens have created public trails for the restorative enjoyment and good health of visitors and locals alike.
Play a few rounds, do some good in the world and work on your summer tan. With area golf courses slower in the summer months, charity golf events abound. Here are a handful to consider.
We may not have the MoMA or the Guggenheim, but there is no lack of fine art, folk art and everything in between at Grand Strand galleries and museums. Summer is the perfect time to expand your cultural horizons.
Though we may not have a drive-in movie theater nearby (the nearest is The Big Mo near Columbia), there are a few places to sit under the stars, munch on popcorn and catch a family-friendly flick outdoors.
Sure, there are newer, fancier places to nosh, but nothing says “summertime” like the carnival atmosphere of a beach town boardwalk and its tried-and-true favorites, a quiet waterfront getaway, or a much-loved rural eatery with the best BBQ you’ve ever tasted. Maybe you have your favorites? Here are just a few of the many to consider crossing off your Grand Strand restaurant bucket list.
There’s a reason countless chart-topping pop songs have been written about summertime. It’s the time when love is in the air, families are on vacation, warm weather beckons and most of us feel a unique emotional connection to the land and sea.
The iconic Pawleys Island Chapel moves back home to sturdier ground
Presented by the Veterinary Clinic of Myrtle Beach
Beloved for its year-round foliage and gorgeous white flowers with a lemony floral scent, you know it's summertime in South Carolina when the magnolias bloom