Samantha Weymouth & James Trovato

Sat, 05/06/2017

The pair met while working summer jobs at Moe Moon’s. After an amazing summer together, Samm’s plans to move back up north changed. In 2016, Samm’s family was in town to watch her compete in the Salt Games, and her mother told her she wanted to take a family photo on the beach the next morning. After struggling to get Samm up the following day, the family headed there. Jamie and Samm had an ongoing friendly competition over who could find the best conch shell. Jamie tapped her on the shoulder saying, “Look at this one I found.” When Samm turned around, he was down on one knee with the ring placed around the bottom of the shell. Samm’s photographer sister captured the moment. The wedding took place on the lawn at the Litchfield Country Club in Pawleys Island, where a close friend married the couple. The décor had a rustic feel and the pair’s dogs enjoyed the reception. The couple lives in Myrtle Beach.

Photograph by Brooke Christl