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December 2012
Strength in Numbers

Cowork MYR provides work and meeting spaces for entrepreneurs

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Julie Flanagan




When you tell people you work from home, you are generally met with choruses of jealousy and exclamations of how great it must be. And sometimes it is. But then there are the times when you’re sitting in pajamas in the afternoon, watching Law & Order marathons and nursing your writer’s block like a mental hangover.

Enter Cowork MYR. Tech guru Paul Reynolds, who brought us the Myrtle Beach blog The Digitel, is at it again. A software consultant, Reynolds was first exposed to the coworking phenomenon a few years ago in California. “I witnessed firsthand the strength of a like-minded community of problem solvers sharing a physical space. It's inspirational to experience and a huge catalyst for entrepreneurial activity,” he explains.

So what is coworking? “It's best to think of it like working in a coffee shop without all the downsides of working in a coffee shop,” says Reynolds. Workers come together in a shared space, but they are generally not employed by the same organization. This option can be attractive to freelancers and people who work from home, especially with the added opportunity to meet compatible individuals who share values and are looking for that special synergy working in a shared space can bring. “A member can expect to learn something new or meet someone new nearly every day,” says Reynolds.

Aside from the potential birthing of innovative ideas and blossoming in a new workspace, Cowork MYR offers high speed internet, lots of power outlets, printing and copying, and, of course, coffee. The space will also showcase works by local artists and host events such as user groups and workshops.

Cowork MYR offers different membership plans based on individual needs. Reynolds welcomes those interested to give it a try. “While anyone with a positive attitude is welcome, I openly admit coworking isn't for everyone, and that's why everyone's first visit is free of charge. Our goal is to create an environment of collaboration from which new communities and businesses can grow.” To find out if coworking is for you, visit

Cowork MYR
602 21st Avenue North
Myrtle Beach
Membership prices range from $20 per day for a day pass to $250 per month for full membership.


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